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STAR camp summer 2024


Frequently asked questions
What is STAR Camp?
STAR Camp is a summer half-day camp for kids going into to Kindergarten-5th Grade. Each day campers participate in age-appropriate activities in the fields of science, technology, arts, and recreation (thus the acronym STAR). This year STAR Camp has two themes: SOAR THRU THE WATERS June 10-13, followed by SOAR THRU THE WORLD July 22-25.

What is the structure of camp?
Each day campers rotate with their age group through several stations which focus on different fields (science/technology, arts, or recreation). We also have a large group session in which campers will be served a healthy snack and listen to a short biblical lesson about God's creation.

Is the camp open to everyone?
Yes! We invite children of all faith, ethnic, educational, and family backgrounds to attend.
Are you going to pressure my child into making a major religious decision?

No! When it comes to children, we believe major life decisions about faith and belief in God are more appropriately left to parents/guardians and the spiritual leaders that they select. We will share what we believe to be the truth about God from the Bible, but we will not pressure children to make specific faith decisions.

What does my child need to bring each day?
Only a resealable bottle of water with your child's name clearly marked on it. Please do not allow your child to bring toys or show-and-tell items because time is limited and these things can be distracting to other campers.

Is each camp identical? Can I bring my child to multiple camps?
This year STAR Camp has two themes: SOAR THRU THE WATERS (June 10-13) and SOAR THRU THE WORLD (July 22-23). Activities will be based on the theme for each week. You are welcome to send your child to both camps if you'd like!

I'd like to attend, but I don't have the money. Do you offer scholarships?
Thankfully we have some generous donors who never want to see a child turned away because of finances. The cost of the camp has already been offset for everyone by our generous donors. If your family needs additional help paying for STAR Camp, we can offer partial and full scholarships to a select number of campers based on need. You may be asked to submit pay stubs or your most recent tax return to demonstrate financial need. If you'd like to be considered, please email with your request.

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